Lemon Twist

The opening blast is a very nice lime-and-orange citrus effect that is refreshing; whiffs of petitgrain are present too.


In the drydown - very soon that is - a darker coriander arises, and characteristics of a floral nature are added, mainly jasmine, violet and a bit of rose, but the citrus stills shines through.


After a couple of hours its character starts changing again: the base notes are dominated by a cedar/pine wood combination with a very nice tonka aroma; the latter being neither overly sweet nor cloying. Here and there spasms of the original citrus briefly reappear, but eventually it finishes as a wood-and-tonka scent.


Always exceptionally well blended, and made of good quality ingredients. The silage and projection are good for the first three hours and from then on it remains closer to my skin. What is surprising is the unusually good longevity, unexpected is a fragrance that starts off as a citrus composition: it lasts well over seven hours on me. Refreshing in the outset and always interesting in its development, this is the star amongst Versace's fragrances for men.


Moderate sillage, very good projection, a good longevity of over seven hours as mentioned above.


One of Versace's earliest fragrance creations (1991 - now discontinued) and a splendid darkish scent for cooler summer days.  At times a bit short of inner structure, but overall very nice.   3.75/5