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Cuir Cannage


Leather is written all over this:  a fairly smooth and minimally smoky leather, but not the suede type.   It is quite bright due to an hesperidic input, and later a bit of orange blossom.

More florals try to join the action, mails a - hardly powdery - jasmine that is a bit darker in character, going together well with the leather.    Some dark rose comes and goes, but it is weaker and no match for the dominant leather. An iris that I could perceive occasionally is equally unable to make its mark in a significant manner. the leather is just too strong.  

Some spices are also present for time to time, including a fairly bright coriander and whiffs of clove, but the leather is and remains to No.1 component throughout.

I get strong sillage, excellent projection, and six hours longevity on my skin.

This Is quite a bright and smooth leather, but lacking any of the tarry character that is the hallmark of Creed's Cuir de Russie; Chanel's original as well as the thinner current formulations of its Cuir de Russie are overall sweeter.  Cuir Cannage lacks the harshness of Knize Ten, but is a bit closer to the latter's Golden Edition.  Some reminiscences of Parfum d'Empire's Cuir Ottoman are of note.  It lacks some variety in its development and the leather is maybe a bit too dominant; other ingredients are pushed aside on me and there are somewhat generic.  The performance is very good.  Released 2014.  Overall 3.5/5