J'ai Fait Un Rêve Lui by Majda Bekkali

The initial blast combines white pepper, saffron and a darker tonka note that combine to a medley of a sweet gourmand spiciness. The pepper is gentle initially, but with time it grows stronger and moves gradually more into the foreground. The saffron is surprisingly prominent in the beginning and only slowly decreases in intensity.  In spite of the tonka, the sweetness of this composition is quite discreet and never intrusive or cloying.   Whiffs of bergamot add brighter touches.

Later on a nonspecific woodsiness develops, but the main addition is an oud impression.  This oud is rather smooth, dark but not too sinister, and lacks any harshness our rough edge. 

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin. 

This is a pleasant autumnal scent, spicy and restrainedly sweet, well-crafted and with an original touch.  3.25/5.