Indeed a truly great fragrance, maybe one of the finest Creeds of all times. The first moments are influenced by bergamot freshness. The rich, aromatic, musty tobacco is accompanied by leathery notes, especially in the midnotes and basenotes.  The pipe tobacco has hints of Virginia sweetness.   The base adds sandalwood and touches of the ambergris Creed is famous for.


Heavy and rich but with nuances that develop well. Good (for Creed when they use natural ingredients) longevity of around three hours, but in warmer rooms up to five hours.


A classic, male, traditional and formal autumn and winter fragrance that was originally lauched in 1875, that I would wear in the evening for special occasions - the latter necessitated by it's rarity and expense.  The quality of the ingredients is amazing.   From Creed's Private Collection, now vaulted (i.e. taken off the market and - possibly - only available by special request).  The last official ones were sold in brown Creed Travel Flacons in the early 2010s by the Creed Boutique in Manhattan; they were given by Creed USA to dignitataries before being finally vaulted.   4.75/5