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Y MEn by yvES SAINT LAURenT - yls

A blast of chemical freshness greets me, with aldehydes and Iso E Super in the foreground.  a touch of ginger and a background of citrus - mainly bergamot with a whiff of grapefruit - round off this round.

The drydown veers into the herbal side, with safe, a pinch of thyme and a violet leaf - still a bright mix.  Some floral notes, geranium mainly, as also present.

The base is based on white musks mainly, but initially it greets me with a salty inkling,a laboratory attempt at an ambergris that results in a nigh marine-like twist.  A woodsy background - mainly cedar with touches of fir - appears towards the end.
I ger moderate sillage, good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A pleasant and fresh spring creation that is rather generic most of the time.  Launched in 2017.  2.5/5