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Yellowstone Forever Collection

Yellowstone Canyon

An opening very much contain a stony, mineralic and aquatic core.  It has a crisp green undertone at times, with lupin in the background as well as some forget me not,


in the next phase a juniper and a moss impression arise, a bright, steely and somewhat chemical mix, reminiscent of a laboratory a bit temporarily.


Later on that laboratory undertone disappears, and the moss transforms into a dark green moss; the juniper is less prominent now.  A dark and slightly unusual pine note develops, with touches of cedar wood towards the end, when an additional discreet sweetness is also evident, reminiscent of whiffs of nougat truffles at times. 


I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and eight hour of longevity on my skin.


This mineral aquatic mossy creation is good for warmer autumn days, and is not without some creative moments, albeit a bit too synthetic at times.  3/5