Fragrance Rater

Bois du Portugal by Creed

Launched 1987. 

The initial harsh note of bergamot and lavender characterises the opening blast.  It gradually becomes a bit smoother, and a fresh, crisp and green feeling permeates this initial phase.  A phantastic and quite unique opening, strong, confident, and created out of comparatively few components applied very skillfully.


In the drydown the opening vibe gives way after, a coupe of hours, to a symphony of wood notes, with cedarwood in the foreground, and some back-up from a gentle sandalwood impression.   These merge very nicely with the lavender that is lingering from the initial phase.   


The base starts with arrival of the Creed-typical ambergris, that that is enriched by a hint of vetiver. The drydown and the base are a bit less spectacular than the top notes, yet nonetheless a very nice scent. A strong and confident fragrance.


I get moderate sillage and excellent projection.  The longevity is amazing for a Creed; I am getting eight hours out of this.


A beautiful autumnal creation; herbal, crisp, with a green undertone, composed of high-quality ingredients, and a classic representative of the Eau de Portugal genre.   4/5