This Japanese distillery in Miyota at the bottom of the Mt Asama volcano in Kitasaku in Nagano Prefecture near Tokyo. It existed from 1955-2011, but pretty much cease production about a decade earlier. 

KARUIZAWA 12 year old

Karuizawa 12 y old Single Malt 40%:  the colour was a light gold; on the nose initially some furniture polish with hints of Saphir shoe cream; then woods with gentle smoke.  After that the aroma becomes sweeter , with raisin bread and marzipan, as well as faint whiffs of tuberose - a lovely and versatile bouquet.   On the palate was a fresh citrus , then sweeter honey with woods, associated with gentle white smoke, Japanses kojicha tea and tonka.  The taste of  bread, ripe caramelised oranges.  It is elegant, not very rich or heavy, but refined and nuanced , with an impressive  finish of 70 seconds.  June 2021.  4/5