The opening notes set the character of the whole experience: fresh, clean and bright:  opening with bergamot and lemon, combined with a somewhat weaker juniper berry component.  Whilst the citrus is nicely done, the juniper cannot be compared with the beauty in, for instance Creed's Baie de Genièvre.  

The drydown is rather aldehydic, and in the base white musky emanates together with a gentle white musk on a woodsy background.

This is indeed a clean and elegant spring scent, that lacks any of the  green-ness that characterises, for instance, Tom Ford's Moss Breches.  It is clean elegance and restrained and subdued laundry-freshness it reminds me of Lanvin's Vetyver Blanc, although the latter is quite different in other aspects, and in Muschio Bianco I don't get the vetiver. 

On my skin the silage is soft, the projection a adequate and the longevity five hours. 

Clean, fresh and restrained elegance:   3.25/5