QF 36 First Class SIN MEL A380-800

Spacious seats in a spacious cabin.

The leg areas was very spacious and comfortable. 

A very good caviar followed by an excellent meal.

Good bar facility, and excellent service - a trained milliner looked after my hat! 


The main drawback was the lack of any First Class Escort service helping through customs and immigration at the destination.



MEL LAX A380-800

The check-in in the separate First Class room at Tullamarine Airport offers some privacy, and this is where one meets the First Class Host, who accompanies the passenger through the security ans passport check.  On the way the First phones the First Class Lounge to book your table for a meal and the Spa if available.   On board the flatbeds are spacious and comfortable, the food and the drinks selection are excellent and the service superb. 

The First Host on arrival in LAX was excellent, picked up my checked bags from the conveyor belt and waited for me after I cleared Passport Control.   She pointed out the way to the QF connection to New York too.    November 2018.

The most civilised way to fly from Melbourne to the Americas.