Independent Fragrance Rater/Reviews


by Azzaro Fragrances

The opening phase is a fruity-floral mix.  A limitedly fresh mandarin dominated the opening blast, bit the blackcurrant catches up soon.  Weaker elements are some bergamot and a touch of cyclamen.  The subsequent arrival of the floral is spearheaded by a pleasant muguet, which remains the prominent floral at that stage.  

In the drydown, a dyad of rose and jasmine is evident  a bit later on, but the rose is quite generic, and the jasmine never really takes off on my skin.  A ripe yellow apricot with whiffs of peach development after some time; there remains the blackcurrant in the background for quite some time.

The base loses in intensity, and is a blend of a very restrained vanilla with a touch of sycamore.   Interestingly, the vanilla is less sweet on me that the floral notes I got earlier.  Then a yuzu develops that is not very strong, but it nonetheless manages to move into the foreground such as to become the main note in the last stages of the development of this fragrance, with a whiff of white musks appearing just before the end.  

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and seven hours of longevity on my skin.  

A pleasant creation, this is a fairly sweet floral-fruity scent for spring days.  The  top notes is the best part; the rest becomes too weak and a tad too generic to convince.  Released 1999, discontinued now (January 2022).  Overall 2.75/5