Calvin Klein Eternity for Men

The overarching of Eternity is green and botanical for all eternity, or at least until the end. Additional freshness is provided initially by an infusion of an orangey citrus that isquitepleasant. 

Soon a nice lavender arises, and together with a good touch of basil continues the green theme, occasionally with a slightly grassy touch.

The base has a nonspecific woodsy undertone, what seems to have become more generic over the years, and is suspicious of some reformulation over time. There is a slash of a slightlyanaemicvetiverevident to brighten up the final stages. 

I get moderate sillage, good projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.  

Overall an agreeable spring scent, which originally was composed of decent-quality ingredients. Having been a staple of mine for years, I could not fail to note a movement towards becomingblanderovertime, with the top notes deteriorating the least. They had a full array of body products, with some of them, like the nice soap, hard to come by nowadays. 

3.5/5 for the original impression, now 3.25/5.