Released 1994

Compared with he original there are similarities, but there is less bergamot the top notes, although a discrete citrus is present with tarragon and lots, lots of cumin. The overall result is delicious.


The geranium in the drydown is similar to the original apart from a carnation that is added in, but given a creative twist with sage and anise. A bit of gentle oakmoss and cedar are rising in the base.


Overall this on me has very limited silage and after the first hour is very close to my skin, with about for hours of longevity.


This olfactory beauty is a much more complex scent than the very good original, but not much more 'forte' or more long-lasting than the original. The quality of the ingredients is superb though, and the dark herbal mossy aromas, embellished by the floral elements, is most inspiring.  A very nice flanker, great in spring. One of Aramis' finest hours.  4/5