Senator Lounge ZRH A Area Schengen Area Lounge

The lounge was accessible very easily.

The wardrobe facilities were automatised and very good.

A good selection of reading material was available.

The eating area can be noisy when busy, owing to the sparse stone and wood surfaces without and sound reduction approaches.

Unfortunately, there were only buffet facilities with the usual hygiene issues buffets entail.

The breakfast selection was excellent.

No tablecloth was provided.

The section of wine was adequate, the spirit selection was excellent for a Business Class Lounge.

The stemware was good.

Upstairs was a separate 'Silent Area'

The Silent Area are is calm and relaxing, with ample of natural light.

Some news update was available for those who want to keep informed.

There were ample of connecting points and mains plugs for the devices, including in the bathroom.

The bathroom was clean, well-equipped and quite spacious.

The shower facilities were very good, but it was difficult to obtain shower caps though.

This as a very good Business Class Lounge.   The lounge was spacious and friendly, and the Silent Area is a special haven of retreat for the weary voyager.  Whilst the canteen-style dining area was noisy and suboptimal in layout, the food and the drinks were very good, albeit only as buffet service.  The bathroom and shower facilities were very good.  Overall 3.75/5