The Duffel Coat


Originally designed by Belgian sailors, it is named after General Montgomery of El Alamein fame, and used in the British Royal Navy in the World Wars.  For the rough outdoors.

Style and Occasion


 - CUT, STYLE:  single-breasted with frog-fastening/'walrus-teeth'-like toggles and hemp loops instead of

    buttons, as the loops can be opened and closed whilst wearing gloves.  Often there is a tartan lining.

 - SEAMS, FRONT DARTS, STYLE:  It has a shoulder yoke with stitched fold, 

 - VENTS: no vent but with an inverted pleat to allow easier movement.


 - COLLAR: shoulder yoke with collar button tab.  It typically has a hood large enough to accommodate a naval cap.

 - CUFFS: a button tab on the sleeves.

 - POCKETS: it has big patch pockets.

 - LENGTH: hip-length or up to half-thigh length.

 - MATERIAL WEIGHT: Heave wool named after the town of Duffel near Anvers