JOY by Jean Patou

Reviewing the vintage perfume:

The opening is based on a fresh peach top note that is combined with a strong aldehyde component, the latter not unlike Chanel's No 5 in some aspects.

The drydown is a beautifully green and rich floral mix, with jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and tuberose dominating on my skin, with a pleasant rose added later on.

The woodsy base is the underpinning for a dark musk, which gains a touch of an animalic edge by added civet, but on me really only a touch; it is truly a floral-aldehyd scent in essence.

The silage is excellent and the projection good, and I get about five hours of longevity.

Beautifully blended without smoothing out the different constituents of this composition too much, it is supremely crafted, traditional and with depth. One of Patou's classic. 4/5.