Originally a family business, then sold to Taittinger, and around 2015 sold back the the Monmousseau family with three private equity firms.


Accessed 9 February 2020

Bouvet Brut de Luxe

NV Bouvet Brut de Luxe:  It had no bouquet of notes and was a bit harsh in taste, with some citrus and a green touch.  I was  very acidic and had a short finish.  Might benefit from another year or two of bottle age. February 2019.  2.5/5


La Petite Bulle

NV La Petite Bulle Vin Frizzant by Bouvet-Ladubay: There are touches of lemons in the bouquet, with short and harsh flavour on the palate, together with a touch of flintiness and a hint of Elderberries.  The finish is short.  May benefit from some bottle age.  February 2019.  2.5/5