Penhaligon's QUERCUS

The initial citrus impression is short-lived  and swiftly followed by bergamot and most predominantly lily of the valley; the sweet floral mote of the latter being the core contributor to the unisex nature of this scent.  


On my skin there is some oakmoss that stays in the background, but somewhat later wood and musk develops nicely; the wood note is the reason that a traditional man can carry this off well, although on a skin that emphasises the floral components that might be different.  


The similarity to CK One is obvious, but there are differences, especially the lack of the synthetic undertone in Quercus is noteworthy.


The sillage is strong, the projection is excellent and longevity is exceptional in my experience; about eight hours or more.


The Quercus hand creme is of phenomenal quality, but the deodorant stick appears to contain quite a bit of alcohol that might be an irritant for some skins. Try (on your skin) before you buy.


Overall this is a pleasant spring creation, which is a bit predictable at times but crafted well.  3.25/5