A lovely bergamot with petit grain and lemon-orange underpinning make for a refreshing opening. Soon a coniferous wood emerges, but in the drydown a green herbal line is most obvious, like stepping from the thickets of a forest into a glade or clearing where a herb garden is planted, a wonderful combination. Carnation and geranium's floral contribution give it a softer touch, but in the base the darker forest impressions take over.

The base is as mavellus as the whole scent. Sandalwood, with labdanum, but most importantly an oakmoss in the grand tradition and of high-quality ingredients, carry the later stages of the excellent development on my skin. Towards the end a beautifully resinous amber appears, providing a stupendous apotheosis that is rounded off with a earthy dark musk.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and eight hours of longevity. More herbal than Bogner's forest fragrance, this is a classic of this genre - and one of my favourites.   4.25/5