Feuilles Vertes by Creed

This product was launched as a limited edition of one hundred flâcons for Neiman Marcus in 2006.  It was temporarily re-released in 2011.


This is a review of the 2011 offering:


The opening of Feuille Verte if an absolute stunner: The citrus- drenched opening includes a sunny lime as well a a beautiful mandarin note.   A brief burst of angelic freshness.    These are  balanced by a herb note that is astoundingly beautiful, incredibly fresh and never sweet.


The drydown with a Bulgarian rose displays beautiful blossom, but also elements of the rose leaves.   A green not is added based on an oakmoss; this moss lacks significant harshness, and it expressed a refreshing but rather smooth green crispness instead; and times with woodsy undertones like during a walk in the forest.  Touches of a light and fresh vanilla com and go at this point; it is an elegant vanilla that is not particularly creamy of heavy.  The sweetness is very discreet.


A beautiful jasmine merges with the subtle residuals of the oakmoss to form a unique basenote, that is displaying a depth of green and slightly herbal floral goodness. 


The sillage is moderate and the projection adequate.  Alas longevity on my skin is the main issue; after less than two hours the scent is gone unless it is re-applied frequently.  This is not unexpected in a Cologne-type fragrance, although the oakmoss is rather weak on me.


The opening and the overall development are of sensational beauty.  Less refreshing than Selection Vertes from the same House, this composition incorporates subtle characteristics of a Chypre, and creates a bit of a creative Cologne-Chypre hybrid, which is a masterpiece in its concept as well in its execution.  The ingredients are of heavenly quality, and the blending in unsurpassed.  One of the masterpieces of perfumery, albeit an ephemeral one.  4.5/5