The opening is gorgeous: a convincingly zestful lime&lemon blast that is fine and elegant in nature, and is soon enhanced by a stunning underlying classic petit grain. Later on a well-balanced neroli takes over and gradually becomes the dominant force in the fragrance. I do not get a separate additional base note phase in this one.

This is a delicious, refined and elegant summer citrus-neroli scent. With these types of lime-citrus composition no-one can expect a great performance due to the inherently short-lived nature of natural citrus oils notes, but I am pleasantly surprised here: whilst sillage is only soft and projection quite all right only, the initial impression lasts two hours on me, with the later neroli-centred phase gradually wanes over another four: this gives an overall longevity of six hours, which is splendid for a natural lime-based composition in my skin - albeit the last two hours being very close to my skin.

The ingredients are of a very high quality and blended very well, and although very simple and traditional in its components it is extremely well executed. A delightful summer joy.  Released in 1963;  discontinued.  4/5