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Azemour les Orangers

by Parfum d'Empire

The opening is a citrus fest, with ripe oranges mandarins and Meyer lemons most prominent; touches of ripe grapefruits are more bystanders that assuming lead roles in the opening moments.  These citric side is soon counterbalanced by a gently spicy mix of pink peppers with some coriander; a bit later of a cumin is added in too.  In spite of this spicier contributions, the whole mix of top notes is bright and positive.   Then a bit of galbanum enforcing the spiciness later on.  The blackcurrant mention in the scent pyramid does not really show up on me.

The drydown has a floral twist, with orange blossom in the foreground; a bit of geranium is notable, and a restrained neroli maintains the brightness of the top notes to some extent; the neroli is soft and lacks any earthy characteristics.   There is a nonspecific and unimpressive rose impression on the floral side again after a while, and a very faint notion of a light soft leather make a very brief appearance.  Whiffs of caraway arise a very transiently.

The base announces its start by a addition of  a smooth mossy note, which is still on the bright side; this is not a stark oakmoss of the traditional ilk; is is aired with soft notion of a bit of dried grass.

I get moderate sillage, good projection, and three hours of longevity on my skin.

This fragrance was released in 2011, and apparently alludes to the perfumer's family's origins in Azemour in Morocco.The first half is delightful, mainly due to the good-quality citrus bland that exudes a fresh and summery feeling.  The latter parts are less vivid, and the base is bland on me at best.  Nevertheless, overall it still deserves a positive score, but solely due to the quality of the top notes.  3.25/5