Caswell-Massey Sandalwood

The ORIGINAL (Woodgrain) Sandalwood version:


The top notes states with a spicy note, that soon gives way to the sandalwood core that made this scent famous. It is a clean, saturated and fairly unadulterated sandalwood, ad inspive of touhes of citrus incoporated into it, it is less fresh than the opening of Creed's Bois de Santal, and without the delightful lightness of Tam Dao, but a very convincing wood note nonetheless.  This is clearly not Mysore, but most likely Australian sandalwood.    At times a strong cedar is present, as so often in sandalwood fragrances.  


In the drydown, after the first couple of hours it divulges a creaminess that looses the wood note a bit for a while whilst morphing into a barbershop soapy impression of the highest order.  


Later whiffs of the sandalwood reappear playfully, with a greenish-herbal impression in the background adding a hint a clove-based dirtiness at times in the base; these have a musky undertone towards the end.  


Silage and projection are good, longevity is an impressive seven hours on me. 


This autumnal creations is one of the more convincing sandalwood scents.  The quality of the ingredients is very good, it is blended well and the performance is good.   3.75/5