Tauerville Vetiver & Petitgrain

Yup, this scent opens exactly with the two notes the name promises: vetiver and and petitgrain.  No surprise there.  The surprise - the first surprise that is - is the sheer beauty of this combination.  A bright, fresh, slightly tangy petitgrain, a touch more acidic than, for instance, Le Labo's standard-setting version, but intensive and convincing.  Even more interesting is the vetiver: green, rich, fresh, with hints of acidic saltiness, fresh but with a measure of earthiness present too.   In spite of the latter, this is in balance a bright and sunny vetiver, blending superbly with the petitgrain. 

At times whiffs of white, but never sweet, floral hints are present, but in general the name-giving duo makes up this scent throughout until the end.

The second surprise is the perfomance in this fragrance that is based upon two notes that often do not last very long: I get moderate silage, excellent projection and a surprisingly outstanding longevity of ten hours, although for the last few hours the petitgrain takes second place after dominant vetiver impression. 

The quality of the ingredients is excellent, as is this creation as a whole.  A great Tauer creation for hot summer days.  4/5