PARKER (formerly Parker Le Meridien) Hotel New York Manhattan

Parker Le Meridien  New York 1990

From the splendid lobby to the well-appointed rooms this was a lovely hotel experience.  The views of Central Park, especially from to top floor swimming pool was rather special.  Run by the Meridien Group (then affiliated with Air France) a distinctively French flair mixed with a quintessential New York experience.  

In 1990:  4/5 


Later on it was taken over by Forte, Starwood and, more recently, by Marriott, before it became part of The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW). 




The Parker Hotel (LHW) 2018 (Pictures)


The beautiful lobby is as impressive as ever, and the barber in the ground floor comes in handy.  The Central Park Views and the swimming pool impressed again, but the pool service was worse.  


The breakfast was served in the bar in the ground floor, a thoroughfare busy with reams of people heading towards the check-in area wheeling along their suitcases,  and lined with low tables on either side; it had the atmosphere of a platform snack bar in an overcrowded train station.  The other eatery was even noisier and the staff of limited help.  In our room two shower head fittings were loose, and the technician we called and who promptly arrived also had to repair the overly noisy toilet.  The shower was never fixed during our stay of several days. 


Our room appeared to have been stripped of most basic amenities, and after initial refusal by the manager to supply us with the customary coffee making facilities (they were in the room in 1990) we were given some perfunctory supply eventually. 


The rim of our glass was chipped and sharp, and the additional glasses we requested arrived thrown into a plastic laundry bag - no wonder the glass was chipped.  No slippers were provided, and one bathrobe - for two guests - were in our room when we arrived.   The bed lines was stained after having been changed in the morning, and no explanation was provided to us, even after complaining to a manager.  


In the lobby there was no chair to sit on whilst waiting to check in.  In spite of us being top-tier of the Leaders Club of LHW, a charge for the use of WiFi was levied, and a “amenity” fee for the pool was added to our bill, although we never used this amenity.  


On the upside is must be said that the room service breakfast was all right, and the shoeshine service was very good.


Overall rating in 2018: 1.75/5.


A distinct drop in quality, and Mr Parker would not be happy.   This hotel seesm to be managed by Hyatt now; hopefully this will lead to some positive change.