1000 (Mille) by Jean Patou

The vintage perfume:
A dark green bergamot, jasmine and mandarin mix opens, a green and saturated opening. The drydown has osmanthus included, on a background of a dark rose and other florals.  The rose is a team player that is well integrated into the whole.  The base is classic chypre with strong and rich patchouli and an oakmoss that is smooth on my skin.

The dark civet is the backbone of the base; is is heavy and full. A luscious, voluptuous dark traditional chypre that is beautifully crafted, with excellent silage and projection and a longevity of seven hours.  In the early years after it launched it was marketed as the or as one of the most expensive perfumes available at times.   4/5.

The new version is less rich and less complex, but still very impressive. 3.5/5.