Bois de Cedrat by Creed

A fresh, bright an clean citrus fragrance that is tempered with a bit of cedar.  the wood not comes in a bit later but always remains in the background until the end.  


The opening is based on Sicilian lemon and bergamot.  It characterised by a calm freshness and lacks the intensity of a blast that characterizes, for instance, Hermes' Eau d'Orange Verte; it is a bit less lemony that Monsieur Balmain, another summer icon.   Nonetheless, this is a positive and uplifting experience. 


In the drydown and mandarin-orangey impression, than blends with the top notes.  Later on,  a note of  lemon wood is added, and after the top notes fade away the wood lingers for a while. 


The sillage is moderate, the projection adequate, and gradually fading I get a bit more than three hours out of it, with the last two hours being very close to my skin. This is not bad for such a lemon-based Cologne.


The performance of this summer creation is better on me than that of other citrus compositions.  The natural ingredients are of top-notch quality.   A beautiful summer scent.  4/5