Parfums Series 3:

Incense Ouarzazate

The opening blast and its aftermath are both delicious:  a soft, approachable, darkish, friendly and never sinister incense note that is not smoky on my skin; on the contrary, a fresh-ish touch is notable.  In the drydown hints of herbs and greens are present at times, but the core message Ouarzazate conveys is: incense rules!
The drydown develops a fairly light musky theme, but the base is really defined by adding a very pleasant labdanum that at times combines with the ever present incense to a nigh-balsamic mix at times, with a hint of tonka sweetness evident in the last third.  A touch of wood is present now too. Towards the ends the sweetness recedes, and the incense note fades out gradually. 
The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent, and I get six hours of longevity out of it. 
This is a lovely winter scent, with a fairly unusal and well-blended incense core that shows a side of incense not commonly developed in these types of fragrances.  As an incense-centred creation is is very much in the unobtrusive side.  An incense scent worth trying for those who find the standard incense fragrances too strong and too overwhelming.  3.25/5