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DE Viris


The amazing opening is the epitome of classic freshness: orange, bergamot and an absolutely outstanding petit grain - sensational in its intensity and natural richness.


The drydown continues the theme of classic perfection, with ylang ylang and clary sage combined with a mildly spicy white pepper note; but it is the patchouli that adds edge and herbal undertones; there is possibly a myrrh component present too. Cedar and a nice sandalwood commence the base notes, where a pleasant musk emanates later on, but still here freshness has been preserved, mainly due to the addition of a beautifully natural vetiver.

The performance is outstanding, with very good silage, as well as exceptional projection and a longevity that on my skin extends beyond twelve hours.

Overall a very classic traditional scent with subtle twists, composed of top-quality ingredients and very well blended without losing structure. We can attribute the creation of a couple of all-time masterpieces to Jacques Bogart, and De Viris is one of them.  4.5/5