The opening blast is fresh an fruity, with orange and peach being freshened up by aldehyde-infused lashings of bergamot.   

In the drydown appears what will be to central to the development: jasmine and ylang-ylang, transforming the initial fruitiness into warm and floral oriental vibes. Further sweetness and warmth is added by touches of cinnamon and vanilla, although this sweet tone is never intrusive or cloying and blends in seamlessly with the whole mix. 

The base contributes an animalic touch, with a dark and musky civet counterbalancing the sweetness quite effectively, assisted by ambery and leathery undertones towards the end. 

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.  

A complex and luxuriating oriental scent for spring or autumn evenings, which exudes richness combined with elegance.  3.5/5