American Airlines First Class International

MIA-LHR AA 38   Boeing 777-300

November 2018

The cabin design is spacious, gives room for privacy and has a pleasant feel.

The food is flavoursome, of good quality and prepared well.  The Ancient Meatloaf was fresh.

The wine list is impressive in choice wines in  principle, but the absence of vintage years is below standard.   There was only Cava served - no real Champagne - before the takeoff, and stemmed glasses were available only on request.  Once in the air, however, the actual wine selection, was excellent, starting with the 2007 Bollinger Grande Annee.


The wine service did not allow any tasting of the wine, but they showed the bottles to determine the vintages.

A good cheese course was served. 

The pajamas  were of the advertising-the-brand type. 

The flatbeds are spacious, very comfortable and overall well-designed.


One drawback:  No First Host Service was offered at departure or arrival to help navigate through Immigration and Customs more smoothly. 


Whilst not without a few deficiencies, this American Airlines Flagship First Service is not only a class above their Business Class, but it also beats United's Polaris Business Class and Delta One by more than a mile.  4.25/5

American Airlines First Class Domestic

Boeing 737 (NOT MAX) LGA MIA :  Good seating for a domestic flight of that duration, with adequate food, a very good wine selection, unacceptably poor stemware, but with a very friendly and helpful service, but very limited on-board entertainment.  As the gate was far from the lounge, a pop-up mini lounge-corner was created, which was staffed with helpful staff; it had no real seating but was nonetheless a nice idea!  November 2019.   3.5/5