Floris No 89

Launched 1951.


Traditional orange with bergamot and nutmeg with a geranium-flower note added in.   The is some petitgrain in the background at times. 

Later on the nutmeg takes centre stage in a pleasant way, but its spiciness is mellowed by the addition of an ylang-ylang; the latter is not very sweet and not very creamy; is is a lighter version.  


The base adds more accoutrements of classic scents; mainly wood notes.  There is cedar present mainly, a touch of sandalwood too at times, and a bit of oakmoss in the older versions.  Then this is followed by a bit of musk that overall results in a classic soapy English barbershop scent.


I get moderate sillage, good projection, and a reasonable longevity of about four to five hours.


A great classic English Gentleman's scent.  The grooming products, including the soaps, are delightful.   3.5/5