CITRON CITRON by Miller Harris

A true citrus fest constitutes the opening here: lemon and orange primarily, fresh but on me this is not a full-on blast; it is more gently refreshing. Very nice. 


From the citrus top notes it moves seamlessly into the herbal heart notes, where a minty component continues the fresh theme. Basil and whiffs of thyme come and go at this stage. 


In the base the fresh side had receded into the background, and woodsy tones with a layer of cardamom dominating the picture. 


I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and four hours of longevity on my skin. 


This a finer summer scent. Very good citrus ingredients, with the base not as convincing in vividness as the other stages of its development. The bath and body care products are a delight of their own.   3.25/5