A convincing, pure and strong Bayrhum that is freshened up by a dark and earthy Vetiver, although the latter is more an accompaniment to the main Bayrhum note.  A spicy undertone is detectable after the initial notes settle in, with a black pepper being modified by a concurrent clove impression.  This spicy side is dark, but not particularly harsh or grating.   It is rich and displaying the high and beautiful quality of the ingredients.  It does not change much later on, has adequate silage and projection, and on me a longevity of about three hours. 


This has been a regular of mine around the festive season.  The performance is an issue, but in all its simplicity it is a beautiful creation.  It is hard to find now and I wonder whether Creed has vaulted it, i.e. does no longer offer for sale on a regular basis.   4/5