Andaz Hotel London

This hotel is part of the HYATT Group

The restaurant is elegant, a backdrop to the heydays of the railway station hotels, and the breakfast served there is excellent.

Andaz Hotel London:  The door person is attentive and helps with the luggage efficiently most of the times.  The hotel has no Priority Check-in for high tier World of Hyatt members, and the hotel has no Club Lounge - a major drawback of this establishment.  Globalist, however, may use temporary room to freshen up until their room is ready.


The rooms are quite spacious, have lots of power points and USB Charge Points, and many have a desk or table.  




The non-alcoholic content of the mini-bar is complimentary.  Delicious juices!




The toilets are very environmentally friendly, and use a chemical disposal system. 




Believe it of not, they charge for a shoeshine: £5!



Before taken over by the Hyatt Group in 2006, the Andaz Hotel used to be the old Great Eastern Hotel that I remember from my youth; it used to provide shelter to the travelers using Liverpool Street Station as their  origin or destination.  Sensitively restored, it is very green and sustainably managed - even the chemical toilets are particularly friendly to the environment.  The suites and some of the rooms are decorated with Shoreditch and East End artwork.
The 1901 and the bar the are some of the highlights of this hotel.  The  modern lobby uses open laptop desks as check-in, which does not always work convincingly when it is busy.  
In the early years after the opening the absence of a dedicated concierge meant that everybody at the front desks tried to give advice, which was often ignorant or wrong - I remember the advising member of staff never having heard of Glyndebourne or Glastonbury.  Another times staff had no idea how to flag a taxi. Nowadays this has improved vastly. 
Today it has become one of our go-to addresses in the East End, especially if one transits via the City Airport. 
last stay November 2018   3.5/5 initially, 4/5 now