From the West Highlands

14 years old

Oban 14 years old:  medium gold colour, with a bouquet of mandarins, touches of slice and nutty background; on the palate sweet spicy herbs, grapefruits and hints of a sea breeze, and a finish of 40 seconds.  April 2019 in Fukuoka.  3.5/5

RETASTED JUNE 2021: Oban 14 years old Highlands 43%matured in ex-Bourbon hogshead cask:
Golden was the colour; on the nose orange peel, marmalade, raisin, marzipan, ginger nuts  that are a bit bitter, with a pinch of salt.  In the mouth it showed some peat, a good measure of orange peel, peach chutney  and a bit of a taste of bread.   It is a bit thinner in the finish, with lasts about 50 seconds.  This sample displayed a  good balance, but it lacked depth and nuances.  It was thinner than the bottle in Fukuoka 2019.  June 2021  3/5