A different beast compared to the famous Ten. Initially I get a blast of freshness, embodies in lemon, bergamot, petitgrain and transient whiffs of bitter orange.  This mix is given some depth but a galbanum, with has a restrained aroma of fresh greens attached to it.  Lovely, but this phase is very short only on me.


This green impression leads into a the development of a gentle, soft, and sweet stage  whose flowery core includes jasmine, violet and fruity-aldehydic notes  that a very well blended.  A rose is also present, medium-dark and not in the foreground, but more integrated into the whole; with traces of carnation developing a bit further down the track.  A bit of a darker and slight spicy side is also there, ostended in the appearance of an orris note.


The end turns into a wood-focused phase, initially more sandal wood and after that cedar is dominant, accentuates by an overall soft but slightly crisp oakmoss.   The whole base is grounded in a ambery tonka note that adds a beautifully balanced sweetness to it, with the amber adding a darker tone to it. 


I get a good longevity of over four hours, which is acceptable given the high quality and the naturalness of most of the components; the sillage in moderate and projection very good.  The sweetness is never cloying, and towards the end developing a distinct sweetening powdery impression, which traditionally could be seen as a boudoir-type style.  Nonetheless this fits in here very well. 


A gentle and convincing composition for cooler spring evenings, that can be worn during the day too, combinig the floral with woods and green ingredients.    3.75/5