London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

The entrance is welcoming with a good reception staff available.  No guarded cloak room was offered.

The lounge is spacious, displaying quiet and relaxed elegance.  A separate and quiet computer room was available.

Whilst the wine list is excellent, the absence of vintage Champagnes is below standard for a First Class Lounge, especially as the "lesser, normal" First Class Lounge in Terminal 5 used to offer vintage Champagne.  Well, at least it is Grand Siecle.

They have a separate dining area.

The dining area is more upmarket canteen than a proper dining area, and it uses high bar-stool-like chairs which are not particular comfortable, especially potentially for people with leg problems.

The stemware is excellent.

Whilst the toilet and showers are good, they are not actually First Class as they are co-located with the Business Class Executive Club Showers; hence the waiting time for a shower can be long.


One drawback is the lack of availability of a First Class Escort to help the passenger from the check - in and to the plane - here Qantas and Air France's First Class customers enjoy the best treatment in their major home airports hubs.