LX 160 ZRH NRT  a340-300

March 2019

The separate First Class Check-in facility was indicated clearly. 

A wheelchair-friendly entrance to the check-in area was provided.

A good seating arrangement was provided check-in in the area.

A quiet and calm check-in area with excellent service, including an escort to the SWISS First Class Lounge.

The seats, in typical SWISS colour schemes, were spacious and very comfortable.

Ample of legroom was provided.

The space between the seats was wide and guaranteed adequate distancing.

The seating arrangement allowed couple to sit together.

The slippers provided in the ottoman were extremely comfortable.

The separator could be raised such as to improve privacy, but no such device or door was available on the aisle side.  This was not a private suite. 

The amenity kit was good for First Class.

The legroom was excellent even for a tall person.

The seats were of quite a decent ergonomic design, so some time working on the laptop could be passed comfortably.

The cabin was spacious and decorated very sparsely.  The storage space was adequate but not very generous.

The storage space in the ottoman could be closed to prevent the content from sliding out during the flight.  The ottomans was in a fixed position, and sturdy enough to allow a dining companion to be seated on.

Overall a friendly atmosphere.

For a pre-departure Champagne this was a good choice.  This was the only Champagne on board though.

The food menu was detailed and of a layout that was easy to understand.

Note the outstanding cheese menu.

The amuse bouche was presented a bit in a "thrown there" fashion with the napkin touching the seat, which is a bit of a hygiene issue, but it was of good quality.

The table lined was crisp and clean.

The Hors d'Oeuvres were a bit disappointing: no caviar, which is the standard in international long-haul First Class, and the other entrees were good but not very special either.

The herb soup was excellent.

The Bison Tenderloin main course was superb and the meat perfect.  The salad was very enjoyable. 

The vegetables were tasty and neither overcooked nor too raw.

The cheese selection was exceptional for an inflight meal.

The cheeses were served at the right temperature and were in a state of good maturity.

The desert was delicious and of a very nice consistency, serve at the right temperature.

The macarons were superb - Sprüngli at its best.  A lovely treat at the end of the meal.

The bar was kept open over night.

The drinks menu was designed well and sufficiently informative.

A goof aperitif menu, but the absence of a proper vintage Champagne is notable, although the Grande Siècle, although not a vintage Champagne as such, is a combination of vintages.

The selection of white wines was excellent and selected with great care.

The red wines chosen were enticing, and the face that a mature wine was included betrayed the standard expected from a First Class wine list.

The digestif list was first class, with the usual XO Cognac but a number of creative additions.

The stemware deserves a special mention.  All Riedel, but a wide array of just the right glasses needed.  Well done SWISS!

A decent tea menu and the availability of an Espresso machine on board rounded off the meal in a a very satisfactory manner.

The entertainment system was not cutting edge as far as technology was concerned, but it was advanced enough, worked very well, and the choice of entertainment was superb, including some rare finds.


The seat converted into a flatbed that was spacious, with a comfortable mattress.  A good night's sleep was had.   

The breakfast was very good, with the yogurt being of extraordinary quality.

The breakfast was fresh and of a very high quality, offering a good array of choices.

The Escort Service was a bit limited in scope, but very efficient; one was picked up on disembarking immediately and guided to immigration. 


This was an excellent First Class Experience.  A few areas that offer room for improvements are evident, including the somewhat outdated seats with the lack of separators on the aisle side - other airlines offer even doors; the omission of the Caviar from the menu, as well as the lack of a proper vintage Champagne.   Otherwise SWISS First Class was truly First Class, and the Lounge experience in Zurich was of the same standard.   4.5/5