Royal Bain de Caron

The 1941 version:

The opening notes include a mix of floral (lilac and rose) with a musk foundation - a bit surprising as musk is usually used in the later stages of a fragrance,s development.  The rose is darker and merged seamlessly with the violet impression; the latter being resinous and dark-ish but without any harshness.  Interestingly, a bit later I get whiffs a soft mossy touch that cast and additional shadowy feeling over the whole. 

Further into the drydown there is more emphasis on the floral side, mainly due to the addition of jasmine, whilst in the base additional sweetness of a vanilla leads to a soft and sweet fare-well.  Moments of soapiness and whiffs of powdery moments come and go. 

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.  

A delightful blend for spring evenings, soft, sweet - especially in the base - and blended from top-quality ingredients. 


For the tortuous history of this scent’s name see e.g.