Boston Ivy by D.S. & Durga

After the first few minutes, when a somewhat bland citrus impression hit my notes, the full gamut of the opening notes develops: a green, herbal and woody combination evolves, a successful mix that evokes the outdoors.

Later in the drydown the ivy note arrives, a note of green bushes and convincingly done. At times slightly spicy clover-laden moments come and go, citrusy whiffs of lime alternate with more ozonic impressions.

The drydown takes on earthier mossy characteristics, but the moss is not the real thing and fairly flat on my skin.

All this reminds me of the likes of Geoffrey Beene's Bowling Green or Crown Perfumery's Town and Country, but less refined and less intensive than especially the latter. Boston Ivy is less rich, more restrained and less intense.

I get moderate silage, good projection and eight ours of longevity on my skin; after that the occasional transient glimpse of a slightly balsamic afterthought remains for another few hours but it is too close to my skin to be counted.

This is a nice spring scent, and whilst not without its weak points it is overall a successful realisation of what he name promises. The ingredients are mostly of respectable quality.  3.5/5