Azzaro 9

The opening consists of a bowl of aldehydic fruit salad, including mainly oranges, pineapple, peach and bergamot, all combining to a bright and uplifting experience, which might have been even brighter when the juice was fresher than my vintage sample. 


The drydown turns into a floral potpourri, with a delightful dyad of muguet and carnation in the foreground; and an - at times a bit pale - rose is added in too. The first two florals are intense and rich, whilst the rose shines more in the background providing added depth. Later on a rich and creamy ylang-ylang adds further smoothness. 

The base is noteworthy for a tonka note that arises, which at times I get undertones of sandalwood too. Touches of gentle spiciness with whiffs of a bright and elegant powderiness lead into the final stages. 


I get moderate sillage, very good projection and a superb thirteen hours of longevity on my skin. 


This spring creation for elegant evenings out is soft, rich and intense, with a lovely sweetness that is never overly cloying or intrusive. It probably lost some freshness over the decades, but it is blended masterfully from ingredients of the highest quality.   4/5.