21.Sept.1966 by Rundholz

The opening starts with a combination of pepper and rhubarb - a pleasant fruity spiciness, with the spice being of a gentle kind. 
In the drydown a white floral canvas develops, and the. The oud develops.  It is a rough oud, quite sharp and of the usual penetrating sharpness that is to typical for so many oud-centric products released over the last decade.   
There is an additional incense with touches of muskiness in the base, but the oud overwhelms it all and rules the roost until the end.  
I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and a splendid twelve hours of longevity on my skin.   

This autumnal scent starts pleasantly and not without an original touch, but the development is suffocated by the penetrating screechiness of the oud, whose laboratory-synthetic nature results in a exchangeable copycat note of the oud impression that plagues so many fragrances released in the oud tidal waves is the recent years.   The upside is the above average performance - not unexpected given its synthetic nature.   Overall  2.75/5.