LIQUO by Angela Ciampagna

Angela Ciampagna Liquo

Licorice and violet are the first thought than go through my mind when the first molecules enter my nasal cavity, and fairly soon aniseed is added to it.  This results in a soft and slightly sweet mix, which overall is less non the night and more on the pensive side, although whiffs of lemon are adding some brighter moments initially.  

The second stage adds more floral elements, mainly a restrained lavender as well as a vanilla impression with touches of a gentle spiciness thrown in.  In the end the spiciness merges with the vanilla and the aniseed seamlessly, whilst the licorice is gradually waning.  

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and four hours of longevity, with the last hour or two being very close to my skin.  

A pleasant autumnal scent for days and evenings, with clear nods into the direction of the gourmand section of the olfactory spectrum.  The main strength is the gery good quality of the ingredients; the main weaknesses are the thinning of the intensity of the notes in the second half of the development of this composition, as well as the limited performance.  Still, overall a good product: 3.25/5.