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By Guerlain

In the opening citrus impressions, mainly mandarin, touches of rope grapefruit, combine with a lavender, with the latter being quite synthetic and without a powdery component on me.   

Th drydown keeps the lavender for a while, and adds on a pleasant green and bright jasmine, which lacks depth a bit as well as and any wood component.   White florals come and go - I detect a whiff of muguet transiently - that are given some additional depth by some coumarin.  The latter remains in the background given the floral dominance at this stage.

The florals play a role well into the base, with the jasmine giving way to an iris notes that has a green touch but no powderiness of note in its character.  Towards the ends, woodsy notes - sandal (apparently from Down Under) are present at times, but mostly they are quite nonspecific.  Lashings of vanilla with hints of white musks round off this product's development.     

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

At times this spring scent is quite pleasant, but most of their ingredients are rather synthetic.  Not bad, but nothing special.  Released 2018.  Overall 2.75/5