An opening blast of kaffir lime leaf and mandarin betray a citrus core, a dash of pink pepper gives the stereotypical refreshing opening a slightly spicy touch.  It has a sweet and watery thrust owed to lots of cascalone.


The drydown presents a bright  jasmine-hedione, whose slightly green undertone is given added depth by some fresh herbs, rosemary and sage mainly ,in combination with  with whiffs of fresh basil.    The hedione becomes increasingly dominant with time.


The base emanates a nonspecific woodsiness with lots of ambroz super.  I don's really get any of the sandal or cedarwood that is purportedly mentioned in the scent pyramid.


I get moderate sillage very good projection, and seven hours of longevity on my skin.


This scent for cooler summer days as a few features that are not bad, but it is far too generic to entice.  Petrochemical and, especially in the start and the base, very deja-vu.  Released 2018 in collaboration with Nick Jons ("NJ").   2.5/5