macanudo cigars

Macanudo Portofino

For several decades this has been a trusted occasional companion on the smoking table.  Quite elegant in shape, handmade and most of the times quite well rolled, sometimes a bit too tightly though.  Easygoing, of middle-level richness, sometimes a bit thinner, with aromas of herbs, dried grass, occasional hints of chocolate and nuts.  Many times. 3.5/5

Macanudo Portofino Café

This is a Macanudo whose exact name I could not ascertain; and bit like a Maduro version of a Rothschild.  Medium strength, with aromas of chocolate, spices, hay, and with an earthy undertone and slightly bitter;  the draw was all right but may have been wrapped a bit too tight.  April 2019 in Fukuoka.   3.25/5

Gold Label   Gold Torpedo