Fragrance Rater



Not so much pure chocolate, but cocoa that is mixed with nutmeg and a generous layer of spice, predominantly a dark pepper with a good lashing of garlic and some labdanum on top - a soft and tasty opening blast with a comforting undertone. Lovely, and at times whiffs of discreetly earthy bitterness give it a nigh O'Driu-esque character.

The drydown is maintaining the initial direction, but adds a resinous-sweetishly honeyed fruity impression, which divulges a good caramel note - a slightly gourmand-ish overtone that is enhanced by a perfectly placed addition of a mildly boozy vanilla, but being never heavy or cloying. On the contrary, one of the impressive features of this creation is the perfect balance between richness and slimness of this composition.

He base adds a darkish musk with a balsamic-boozy character that gently fades out.

The performance is impressive with strong sillage, excellent projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

Whilst this is no overpowering chocoholic heaven, it constitutes a sophisticatedly integrated cocoa creation with spiciness and sweet notes well very blended whilst maintaining good structure. The natural quality of the ingredients is very high in this delicious winter warmer. 4/5