The opening is rich and complex. Orange and bergamot add a fresh side, but the main thrust is dark floral, with jasmine, gardenia and whiffs of oleander givens a shadowy tone from the orchid that gives this creation its name.

The drydown adds a fruity touch of redcurrent, combined with a peppery and spicy undertone; the latter with a good incense aroma that adds an oriental vibe.

Further into the base a tonka-based sweetness develops, quite rich and creamy at times. A dork patchouli also develops, a soft patchouli without any significant harshness or sharpness. Cocoa features at times too, and I detect and nonspecific woodsiness towards the end.

I get strong sillage, excellent projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

A rich autumnal creation, good day and night, at times a touch generic but otherwise complex enough to provide good olfactory entertainment. 3.25/5