Fruity-citrus-salty: this is the triad cluster that greets me in the opening blast. And what an amazing cluster it is: a fresh bergamot-cum-lemon-cum-mandarin citrus with a nigh-peachy undertone, a lovely melon impression, and with added marine undertones intertwined with the citrus-fruity core - brilliant. This is all combined is a unique mix, making for a unique experience in the top notes. This is an opening blast I can identify amongst hundreds of others.

The drydown loses some of the freshness, yielding space to a pleasant iris, whilst a marine -ambergris saltiness makes for a nice counterbalance. It is less intensive now and more settled.

The base continues the ambergris, now combines with woodsy undertones.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

This archetypal great summer scent features one of the great openings in the history of perfume over the last quarter of the century. The rest is well done too, but less outstanding. The quality of the natural ingredients is splendid indeed; the longevity is limited, but given the citrus component this is not unexpected. The bath product series is a beauty.    4/5.